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i hate when people complain about how technology is “ruining everything.” i have over 200 pictures of my dog on my phone and i can send them to my friends when they are sad. how is that ruining anything. why do you hate happiness

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I am going to let him slip his hand up my dress and I am going to smile politely when he tells me I’m beautiful without ever looking me in the eye. I am going to let him walk me home because he says this part of town is dangerous at night. I am not going let him inside and he’s going to get mad and tell me I’m a bitch anyways. I am going to sit on my kitchen floor at 1:48 A.M. and watch movies on your Netflix account and wait for you to text me because you forgot the password again. I am going to etch poems into my skin with my fingernails and use my blood to chase the vodka I bought on my way home from work. I am going to take another Ambien and put on the sweatshirt you left and count the number of times the ceiling fan spins around until I finally pass out. I am going to wake up feeling empty and I am going to repeat this process every day until I realize you’re not going to call and I’m only hurting myself.
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it always fucks me up cause i think my friends on here are like my age or maybe a year younger but then they talk about how much fun they about to have 11th grade and i’m like? what the fuck did you are just saying?

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